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4DOST aims to make a social impact in people's life and help businesses improve their products and services. Our story begins with a series of bad experiences at various Pakistani businesses and coming to find that there is NO platform to give consumer rights a voice. It is useless to complain about an unpleasant experience on social media, as they will simply remove your "negative comments." and you’ll remain unheard of. Here at 4DOST, we provide a free platform for everyone to get heard and share their experiences as well as learn from others..!!! We also noticed that several traditional small businesses are left in the shadow of the large Chain-franchises and that our honest and good quality vendors with limited publicity, deserve to grow too. We hence devised a system where businesses can advertise with us and offer “Deals” to their customers on our platform & attract more business. Every consumer wants a good deal, and our vendors are eager to give you one..!! Our team at 4DOST have organized a platform, which will act as a bridge to connect sincere and caring customers with decent, hard-working businesses based on true customer reviews. We want you to openly share your experience and let others know about a place worthy of your time and money. This is an unbiased platform where the top-ranked businesses will be categorized according to customer rankings. We are eagerly looking forward to helping our customers as well as small businesses to grow with the help of your experience..!


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